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History of the Polish Saturday School in Buffalo

In 1955, a small group of Polish immigrants arrived in Buffalo, New York, via Germany, Italy, England, and Africa. As members of the Polish Teachers Federation and Post 33 of the Polish Army Veterans Association of WW II, they organized a school that would teach Polish language and culture. First classes took place on October 1st, 1955 at the grand "Dom Unijny" on Filmore Avenue. Shortly thereafter, the classes were moved to St. Stanislaus School under the wing of Rt. Rev. Monsignor Peter J. Adamski, after whom the school was named. Years later, when the building that housed the parochial school and the Polish Saturday School was demolished, "Szkola Sobotnia" was moved to St. Stanislaus Parish. Generosity of the late Msgr. Peter J. Adamski, Msgr. John Gabalski, and dedication of many individuals made the school prosper and provide a full program of Polish language, history, geography, dance, and folklore.

Today, the school is housed in St. Gualbert's Church in the town of Cheektowaga, a suburb of Buffalo, thanks to the help from Father Daniel A. Pokornowski and Father David W. Bialkowski. Father Tadeusz M. Bocianowski, the pastor of St. Adalbert Church, is the chaplain of the school. Instruction in the school is offered to students from ages five to seventy five. Children start in Kindergarten and continue until age seventeen. Adult classes are the newest and the most dynamically growing component of the school. The Polish Saturday School is an accredited institution. The children complete their education with an examination, which earns them three Regents credits honored by every public High School in the state of New York. The Parents' Board is chaired by Mira Szramel. The Parents' Board organizes benefit balls, which together with donations, are sources of income for the school.

Those unforgotten by the history of our school because of their dedicated service are the principals: the late Mr. Józef Kaik, the late Mr. Józef Siwiak, Mrs. Helena Golebiowska, Mrs. Wanda Kolodziejczyk, and Mr. Bogdan Kotnis and Tadeusz Wojciak. Presently, Mira Szramel is the active principal. 

On Oct. 15, 2005, School celebrated it's 50th anniversary. 

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